You Need to be a Big Part of NWVegFest!

Are you looking for an out-of-box advertising avenue, more exposure for your services, and/or a way to connect authentically with the vegan community? Why not volunteer your time/services in the Family Area at VegFest this year? Olive Branch School is coordinating this area again and looking for some skilled volunteers for the
Teen Area:
  • 1) An artist to demo drawing for teens -something along these lines but maybe less childish, supplies for the participants will be provided (if you use high quality artists supplies for yourself you will need to bring them)
  • 2) Hair stylists – would you love to show vegan teens the options available for ethical hair fashionistas? How about free mini-consults that could generate new client leads?
  • 3)Make-up artists or aestheticians – help in guiding teens towards quality, vegan products? Bring along products for free mini-consults that could generate new client leads.
  • 4)Chef/Cooking/Baker demo – I am looking for some easy, quick vegan recipes teens can make and take – some no bake cookies, and other options. We will need to discuss supply list, but no out of pocket cost to you.
  • 5) A vegan farmer – do you offer a CSA and want to connect your quality produce with families? Would you like to educate tomorrows farmers today? Do you offer internships to teens? We would love to have you and a sample of your produce to share and will display your banner as a Sponsor. Small take home planting is possible too (this would be no cost to you unless you have seeds/soil to donate).
  • 6) Uke Instructor (acoustic only please) – I own at least 6 ukuleles that I could provide for use during a mini lesson – can you teach the parts of the instruments, strumming and basic chords, perhaps a simple song? (Open to other instruments if you can supply them).
  • 7) Do you own a restaurant/clothing company? Would you like to sponsor calls for “design your own” or “name the new”  submissions that provide engagement opportunities (and market research for your business)? Sponsors would provide the blanks for teens to mock up (such as paper T Shirt cutouts), or provide samples to teens to “taste test” or experience before naming (such as a new multi-topping pizza) – let us know what you have that needs to be shared!

Photo credit: Amit Zinman

photo by Amit Zinman

These are not direct sales opportunities they are direct engagement opportunities which are more organic in nature and we encourage you to bring your business cards or marketing materials because you can be generating leads while providing invaluable volunteer service and information to Portland area families. You can also put out an email sign up list to generate leads for direct contact email campaigns. Teenagers represent the largest and growing disposable income demographic, they are saavy and more eco-conscious than ever before and being a volunteer part of NWVegFest will give you direct face time with vegan families. Consider this:

Total number of teens in the U.S. 26,873,000
Total U.S. teen spending (Products bought by and for teens) $258.7 Billion
Total annual teen income in the U.S. $91.1 Billion
Average annual income of a 12-14 year old $2,767
Average annual income of a 15-17 year old $4,923
Annual amount of money families spend on teens for food, apparel, personal-care items, and entertainment $157.6 Billion
Please message me if you are interested, you do not have to be available both days – and we will assemble a schedule of events for the Teen portion of the Family Area.
Do you own a vegan business or produce a product that vegan teens would love?
We are also assembling gift bags for teens.  Ideas include: Coupons for a dollar amount discount (teens respond better to dollar amounts than percentages), buy one get one free offers (teens love to travel in packs – to your business!), samples (vegan products will not be turned away). We request a minimum of 100 pieces to place in bags and are looking for a reusable bag sponsor.
1) Musicians or local Music Together Teachers to perform
2) Carpenter/Skilled person to build a large travel ready puppet theatre (I have a design and no cost to you – just your tools and time).
3) Playdough sponsor – Donations of Copious Amounts of Flour, Salt, Glitter, Vegetable oil, natural food coloring (turmeric, beet powder, etc) to make Playdough we will provide a space for your business’s banner.
4) Vegan treat sponsor – do you make commercial treats that kids would like, we will provide a space for your business’s banner.
Contact us: to get involved directly with the Family Area OR visit to find out more about other volunteer opportunities.