Why Montessori

A Quick Look at What Makes a Montessori Primary Environment

  • Montessori trained professional (AMI or AMS) who uses observation heartily
  • Mixed age group of children (2.5-6 years old)
  • Child-sized, functional, concrete materials that stimulate the senses and are self-correcting
  • Focus on social, emotional and intellectual development
  • Four Distinct Areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Math
  • Nature component, outdoor setting and close contact with plants and animals
  • Inspiration from Montessori’s theories about stages and planes of development
  • Children are encouraged to move, to explore, to discover and to follow their interests; to be independent as much as they are capable


The Prepared Environment,  Emily Canibano, directress of Olive Branch School

Conference Summation of 4 Areas, Emily Canibano


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Dr. Steve Hughes: Montessori and the Future of Education

Noted Montessori Students

  • Jeff Bezos | Founder of Amazon.com
  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page | Co-founders of Google
  • Will Wright | Designer of The Sims video games
  • Anne Frank | Renowned World War II diarist
  • Katherine Graham | Owner-editor of The Washington Post
  • Sean “Diddy” Combs | Rapper and CEO of Bad Boy Records
  • Julia Child | First world-famous television chef
  • Prince William & Prince Harry | Sons of the Prince of Wales
  • Helen Hunt | Academy Award-winning actress
  • George Clooney | Academy Award-wining actor
  • Chelsea Clinton | Daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • Joshua Bell | American violinist
  • Lea Salonga | Multi-awarded singer and Broadway actress
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