My background in education is diverse and includes a BA in English Language and Literature with a minor in secondary education (6-12th grade), President of Kappa Delta Pi and Sigma Tau Delta (Education and English Honor Societies), a Masters of Education, an AMI Diploma, years of experience as a peer tutor in high school for students with special needs, and as an instructor in various disciplines including therapeutic riding, riding, yoga, fitness, dance, and music among other interests.  I have designed and implemented curriculum for many programs and have been a paid presenter for school districts and library systems in the Midwest for years.

My family follows the Montessori philosophy of development and education, which has influenced me as a parent and an educator.  Currently Montessori schools throughout the world serve infants through adolescents, but the reaches of this system have expanded beyond the classroom.  Businesses have begun to adopt Montessori management styles (think Google) and those working with the elderly tout the benefits of Montessori.

Everyone can benefit from the philosophy and materials of Maria Montessori.  Drawing on my vast knowledge of various educational pedagogies, behavioral change systems, and study techniques I aim to assist each student in achieving their goals.

Tutoring Cost $25 per hour per student

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